Organic gluten-free crackers | 3 good reasons to include them in your diet

Lifestyle / 16.05.2019
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Why eat organic gluten-free crackers?

You eat a lot of bread but you’ve decided to find a healthier alternative to improve your digestion? If you are reading this article, it’s because you’re curious about organic gluten-free crackers. Delicious and crisp with many different’ll see that changing your eating habits is easy. Here are three reasons to include these crispy crackers in your diet. 

1/ 100% organic and natural crispy crackers

It’s a good idea to go gluten-free but it’s important to avoid industrial products overloaded with lots of additives to compensate for the absence of gluten. Our aim is to provide you with products for a healthy and balanced diet: 100% natural gluten-free and vegan crackers with no additives or allergens. We only add a pinch of cane sugar or sea salt - and only if it’s absolutely necessary. The minimum required for maximum pleasure! Did you know that our buckwheat crackers are sugar- and salt-free, and that they only contain one ingredient - buckwheat?

Made in our kitchens in the Haute-Loire in France, our crispy crackers are made with 100% organic cereals for a flavoursome combination of pleasure and good digestion. As part of our sustainable approach, we have developed several flavours which are 100% French. Our organic lentil crackers are made with green lentils from cooperatives in the south-west of France. For our chick-pea crackers, we work with farming cooperatives in the south and south-west of France to have control over the traceability of the raw materials.

2/ Crackers with 1,001 flavours for happy taste buds

Our large range of delicious crispy crackers satisfies your desire for a sweet or savoury snack. You’ve run out of scrumptious breakfast ideas? Try our popular classics: multigrain, buckwheat, quinoa or oat crackers. You want to impress your friends with original tasty appetisers? Try our original crackers made with flour made from green lentils or black rice, or even fig crackers. Top them with a spread, fresh vegetables or sprouts. Your creativity is sure to impress. And have some fun: test your guests to see if they can guess the new flavours!  Or try our tiger nut crackers with subtle flavours of almonds and hazelnuts. Ideal for a tasty, low-fat snack when you’re working. You are going to love our gluten-free crackers.

3/ Hassle-free organic gluten-free crackers 

Did you know that your gut does more than just digest? In fact, it’s known as the body’s second brain. It perceives and influences our emotions. And it is a refuge for hundreds of thousands of bacteria which make up the intestinal flora responsible for our health and immune system. An unhealthy gut can provoke many diseases associated with diet, as well as skin disease and even depression. Many of us are over-exposed to gluten which is found everywhere...and not always for the right reasons. Removing it from your diet rebalances the gut, increases immunity and reduces physical and mental fatigue. The old saying “you are what you eat” is true. You will have more energy and feel calmer. 

And who said eating gluten-free is complicated? It is possible to enjoy simple pleasures and eat healthy produce. Your health is our priority. That’s why we have developed healthy gluten-free alternatives so that food can be both good for you and delicious. Our crispy crackers are ideal for any meal, even when you’re out and about. It’s true it can be difficult when you’re not at home. Wherever you are - travelling, having lunch with girlfriends - your favourite crackers are in an organic shop near you. See our product page where we give you tips for finding them. Just select your product and share your position to find your closest organic shop. No more stress, or feeling left out. You can relax and enjoy every minute. 


Which crackers are for me? Go to our product page to order on line or head directly to your favourite organic shop. You need more spread recipe ideas? Check out our recipes: Try and taste.


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